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AEROSPACE EDUCATION'S ROLE: Empowering members with opportunities and resources to promote aerospace-related STEM education and careers.

Welcome to the Educators Info page! If you are looking for free aerospace/STEM lesson plans, activities, textbooks, products, and programs to use in any classroom or after-school or enrichment program, we hope CAP will have something to help you! Our products and programs, below, can be used across disciplines and in both core and elective studies. Visit the Aerospace Curriculum Index link HERE.

Civil Air Patrol Aerospace/STEM Education Programs bring over 40 free fun and engaging products and programs to our members in squadrons and classrooms throughout the nation. We serve adults and youth in pre-K through 12th grades. We reach 700,000 youth each year with our hands-on Aerospace/STEM lessons and materials.

Civil Air Patrol, using aviation as the theme to propel youth onward and upward!

Civil Air Patrol, the Auxiliary of the United States Air Force, is serving communities across America!