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cadet orientation flights

Safe, Fun, Educational

CAP gives cadets the opportunity to experience the wonder of flight. Orientation flights are among the most exciting aspects of cadet life.

Cadet orientation flights are safe, fun, and educational. Oftentimes, moms and dads are more nervous about the flights than the cadets. We hope this FAQ has reassured you about our commitment to your child’s safety.

Orientation Flight Fact Sheet for Parents

flight academies

Powered and Glider Academies for Cadets to Gain Flight Experience

Cadets who have completed some orientation flights, studied their Aerospace Dimensions texts, and participated in some of the electives are ready to pursue formal flight instruction leading to a solo flight or private pilot license. CAP operates flight academies in single-engine and glider aircraft, primarily in the summer.

In-residence, overnight activity, typically 1-week in duration

cadet wings program

Cadet Wings is the answer for those who cannot afford flight training but are desperate to fly.

Merit-based program for cadets pursuing a private pilot certificate; ultra-competitive... new diamond of cadet life

Be sure to read the Cadet Wings Student Guide for program details and eligibility requirements.

Funded by the U.S. Air Force's Youth Aviation Initiative and the James C. Ray Flight Training Scholarship.

cadet cyber

Developing the next generation of cyberspace defense operators.

CAP members are rising to the challenge through self-study, classroom lessons and activities, competitions, and week-long career exploration academies.

  • Cyberpatriot

  • Cyber Badge Program

  • National Cyber Academy

  • Cisco Networking Academy

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