Cadet Life - Leadership

CAP introduces cadets to Air Force perspectives on leadership through classroom instruction, mentoring and hands-on learning. First, cadets learn to follow, but as they progress, they learn how to lead small teams, manage projects, think independently and develop leadership skills they can use in adult life.


The U.S. Air Force has authorized CAP Cadets the wear of uniforms similar to the U.S. Air Force. The Air Force-style uniform is a symbol of the Core Values, inspiring you to think of yourself as a young leader.

Find more information on uniform styles and wear in the CAP uniform regulation CAPR 39-1


The highlight of your first year is the encampment, a week-long immersion into a regimented environment. You will develop leadership skills, explore STEM and military careers, challenge yourself on obstacle courses, and have a lot of fun in the process.


Over 400 cadets from all over California and around the country gather to experience one of the biggest events in the Cadet Programs! (Encampment NOT required to attend CPC)


As they progress through the program, Cadets are placed in increasing important positions of leadership. From commanding an element of 4 cadets to the command of the entire Flight!

the future

The leadership experience you gain in as a CAP Cadet helps lead to an exciting future.

And, while you are not obligated to join the military, cadets who earn the Mitchell Award can enter the Air Force at an advanced pay grade (E-3).

The service academies and ROTC also look favorably on CAP experience. About 8% of Air Force Academy cadets are former CAP cadets, and the Academy's Preparatory School sets aside at least one slot for CAP cadets annually.


...after Encampment

Air Force Based Schools

  • AF Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training

  • Cyber Defense Training Academy

  • AF Space Command Familiarization Course

  • AF Civil Engineering Academy

  • Honor Guard Academy

Aviation / Flight

  • Aircraft Maintenance & Manufacturing Academy

  • Model Aircraft & Remote Control Flight Academy

  • Cadet Aviation Ground School

  • Glider Flight Academy

  • Powered Flight Academy

Leadership and emergency services

  • National Character & Leadership Symposium

  • Civic Leadership Academy

  • Cadet Officer School

  • National Emergency Services Academy

  • Hawk Mountain Search and Rescue School